Migration from Ukraine

Last updated 2022-12-08 08:00.


For migration related consultations, contact Migration Department hotline +370 5 271 7112 (I-IV 7.30-16.30, V 7.30-15.15).

For various consultations related to accommodation, transportation, contact Stiprus Kartu (NGO Strong together) hotline +370 677 22222 (All day every day).

Humanitarian aid hotline +37068498688 (All day every day)

Citizens of Ukraine first need to reach Poland. From there, we can offer transport to Lithuania. Fill in the form for help here – www.sylnirazom.lt or call +370 677 22222 to get a lift. Please note, Ukraine's border with Poland is currently clogged, and the country’s airspace is closed. The remaining option is a trip by land. More relevant information for citizens of Ukraine can be found on the website of the Migration Department.

In Vilnius, all Ukrainian citizens and their family members can be registered at Migration Department (Vytenio str. 18, Vilnius) during it's working hours (I-IV 7:30 - 16:30, V 7:30 - 15:15)

Information is provided to Ukrainian citizens on the hotline +370 5 271 7112 (I-IV 7.30-16.30, V 7.30-15.15). 

If you are already in Vilnius, you can contact www.sylnirazom.lt or +370 677 22222 for accommodation.

Citizens of Ukraine do not need a visa to come to Lithuania and stay for up to 90 days – any personal identification document will work, new documents can be issued in Lithuania if needed (temporary foreigner’s passport) by migration department. There will be no actions taken by migration department if citizens of Ukraine find themselves in Lithuania after deadline to extend their living permit or visa, even those who have received resolution to leave Lithuania can stay and wait for further information from the migration department. During these 90 days or after, Ukrainians can apply at Migration department and they will be issued a permit to live and work in Lithuania, it will be valid for travel in EU. Medical insurance, children education services will be available immediately.

More relevant information for citizens of Ukraine can be found on the website of the Migration Department.

Arrival from Belarus

Since 2022-03-11 Lithuania has ceased to issue new visas for citizens of Russian Federation and Belarus, unless with the invitation from the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Lithuania.


IMPORTANT TO NOTE. Citizens of Ukraine do not have to apply for asylum. Ukrainians can get temporary residence permit to live and work in Lithuania (it will also have all social guarantees which are usually given to asylum seekers – health insurance, shelter, food, integration services etc.) upon entering Lithuania. Once you are here, contact migration department for residency permit

Asylum is granted to persons who are at risk of persecution or other serious harm if they return to their country (e.g. threat to life, freedom, threat of torture, etc.). In case of Ukraine that is almost everyone and there can be cases for asylum when fleeing Belarus, but applications are examined and decided on a case-by-case basis, considering the circumstances of the specific case. Examination of an asylum application may take up to six months, during which time you will be provided accommodation, food, medical and other services. If your application is granted, you will be issued a residence permit in Lithuania and be provided with further assistance. Read more about the asylum procedure here.

While in Lithuania, you may refer to the Migration Department to apply for a residence permit. We recommend applying for a residence permit as soon as you arrive in Lithuania. Please find more information here or call the Migration Department hotline: +370 5 271 7112. If you want to know more information on relocating and living in Lithuania, visit Go Vilnius website.

Foreign companies planning to invest in the Republic of Lithuania and create jobs for at least 20 employees (both relocating and new hires) and maintain them for at least three years with the average salary no less than the average monthly salary of the municipality where the investment is made, can apply for a special streamlined process, which, on average, lasts one month. For more information see here

In case of Ukrainian citizens, no restrictions apply, self-isolation does not apply.

As a result of the revoked national emergency, from 1 May, Lithuania is changing its COVID-19 management strategy.

It is no longer mandatory to wear protective equipment covering the nose and mouth in other indoor public places, or in public transport. It is recommended to wear face masks in public indoor places that are poorly ventilated, crowded, and it is impossible to maintain a safe distance from other people, also on public transport during the morning and evening peak hours.

Travellers arriving in Lithuania will no longer be subject to any COVID-19 management requirements: they will no longer need to take a pre-travel COVID-19 test, even if they have not had the disease or have not been vaccinated, they will not be required to complete a questionnaire of the National Public Health Centre, and there will be no restrictions for arriving foreigners. 

One of Lithuania’s priorities is to help those in need. Municipalities in Lithuania will offer accommodation for refugees and we’ll continue updating this information here. For other options in Vilnius do check a project "Stiprūs kartu" (strong together) where volunteers offer accommodation or: 


AirBnb and Booking.com are the main platforms to look for a short-term accommodation. Currently, vacancy rates are high, and we have a lot of options for short-term stays. 


You can search for flats and homes online using the following platforms: AruodasDomopliusRebaltic.  

Find out more about living options in Vilnius on Go Vilnius webpage.    

If you are a citizen of Ukraine and want to work in Lithuania, there are no special permits you have to acquire, when you register with migration department and get a temporary residence permit, you will automatically be able to work. There are specialised websites which already offer Ukrainian-tailored job opportunities in Vilnius (and in other cities). You can download Scobo app or check cvbankas.lt, cv.lt, lovejob.com for job opportunities which do not require Lithuanian/English language. If you provide maintenance, home repair, cleaning, plumbing or other services, check out Discontract platform or mobile app which connects consumers with service providers. Find main websites for job search as well as contacts of recruitment agencies on Go Vilnius website.

You can also search for jobs with the Lithuanian Employment Service. The contact in Vilnius branch is Vaida Navickienė ([email protected], +370 700 79068). The employment of refugees throughout Lithuania is supervised by Arnoldas Zdanevičius ([email protected]).  

Vilnius public institutions offering jobs to Ukrainians. Look for offers here.  

When in Vilnius, you are eligible to apply for Lithuanian/Polish/Russian-speaking schools and kindergartens, even while residing in the country on a visa. There are also multiple options for private tuition in English. If you do not have a residence permit in Lithuania or a Lithuanian personal identification number, but want to register your children in a public kindergarten or school, you should send a free-form signed application by e-mail to [email protected], or bring it to the Customer Service Department of the Municipality of Vilnius (Konstitucijos pr. 3, Vilnius).  

The free-form signed application must state the full name of one of the parents, the address of the declared or actual place of residence, contact details, as well as the child’s name, date of birth, preferred institution and language. The template to apply for a kindergarten can be found here (in Ukrainian and Russian languages). To apply for a school, you can use this form. Copies of the personal identification documents must also be submitted with the application.  

For more information please visit https://svietimas.vilnius.lt/ (choose your preferred language in the online Google browser and all information will be provided in your native language). Read more about admission to public and private education institutions here or on Go Vilnius website. Also, you can consult with the specialists from the Vilnius city municipality: 

Regarding enrolment to kindergartens: Danuta Juškienė ([email protected], +370 612 52288 (consultations in Russian) and Valery Mordas ([email protected], +370 604 50477 (consultations in English). 

Regarding enrolment to schools: Ana Lapajeva ([email protected], +370 694 91337, Danuta Verbaitienė ([email protected], +370 665 28380). 

Ukrainians who have moved to Lithuania because of the ongoing war in their country are being given the opportunity to learn a profession and speed up their integration process. Given the current refugee situation, admission requirements for vocational training programmes in Lithuania and the way they are organised have been updated.

Ukrainians who have applied for asylum in Lithuania can also submit applications to vocational training institutions to continue the study programmes they initiated in their home country. After assessing an individual’s competencies and academic achievements, they can be admitted to the most suitable vocational training programme and course.

For the upcoming academic year, Ukrainians who want to study at vocational training institutions will be able to participate in the general application process this summer. By applying directly to vocational training institutions, prospective students will be registered in the LAMA BPO information system by the schools themselves.

If a person does not have the documents proving their education at the time of general admission, their competencies and academic achievements will be assessed by a vocational training institution. Ukrainians admitted to summer vocational training programmes will also be included in the newly recruited vocational training groups.

Individual training plans will be developed for refugees arriving from Ukraine to continue their study paths, and a wide range of academic assistance will be provided according to various needs and opportunities.

More information you can find here.

Contacts for consultations:

  • Provides information on the admission of refugees from the war in Ukraine to Lithuania educational institutions: Alvydas Puodžiukas, + 370 686 01 964, [email protected]
  • Provides for consultation on admission of war refugess in Ukraine to Lithuania higher education institutions: Eglė Remeisienė, + 370 5 219 1216, [email protected]
  • Contact of Vilnius city coordinator: +37069491337

There are two types on health insurance in Lithuania – public and private (here is the list of private insurers). Once in Vilnius, if you have applied for an asylum or have gotten a temporary residence permit to live in Lithuania as a Ukrainian citizen, you will be covered by a public insurance. If you find a job, you will also contribute towards health insurance through tax and will be covered automatically. If you are not seeking asylum, have not registered for residency permit for Ukrainians and do not yet have a job, you will have to purchase private insurance.

You can check if you have public health insurance here.

If you do not have health insurance but find yourself in medical emergency, services for Ukrainian citizens will be provided free of charge.

Vaccination against COVID-19, services for children (including vaccination), services for expectant mothers, rehabilitation for war victims. For more information about available services and clinic contacts, see here.

You can learn more about health insurance here

Memo of health care services for foreign refugees, who left Ukraine due to the military actions of the Russian Federation here.

Ukrainians who have been granted temporary protection in Lithuania have the right to monetary social assistance.

Upon receipt of a Registration card from the Migration Department (for an application for a temporary residence permit on humanitarian grounds), you can apply for a one-time benefit, care allowance and support for students.

In addition, the following must be provided:

  1. an identity document (e.g. passport, driving license, pensioner’s card, student card, employee card);
  2. bank account number; (a bank account must be opened in Lithuania)
  3. if necessary, other documents. Important: requests must be completed in Latin characters

With a valid temporary residence permit in Lithuania, Ukrainians who have fled the war will be entitled to monetary social assistance: child benefits, nursing or care (assistance) compensation, compensation in case of death, and other benefits in the same way as Lithuanian residents.

Read more about this support at https://ukraina.vilnius.lt/en/for-those-arriving-from-ukraine/, in the section “Social benefits”.

A group of Lithuanian psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists have launched an initiative to provide critical psychological assistance to Ukrainian citizens in warzones. Over 40 professionals are currently available to provide assistance, both at night and during the day. Please contact them at [email protected] or [email protected].

Various businesses in Vilnius have begun offering special offers, discounts or free services to newly arrived Ukrainian citizens. If your company has a special offer for Ukrainian citizens, please contact us and we will post it here, our contact: [email protected]. To use these services, you only need to present a passport - confirmation of Ukrainian citizenship. 

Konstitucijos pr. 3, groundfloor, Vilnius LT-09307 Lithuania[email protected]+370 614 79 283