Services by the Municipality of Vilnius

The Municipality of Vilnius can help you declare your place of residence, register your children for school, report a problem in the city and much more.


The Municipality of Vilnius aims to make life in the city enjoyable, convenient and accessible for all residents of Vilnius. The municipality’s strategic vision for 2030 is to ensure that Vilnius operates smoothly as a fast, open and innovative city.

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The Municipality of Vilnius serves as a point of contact between residents and the City of Vilnius, and has developed a strategy focused on education, mobility, residential areas and more. It offers the following services: 

  • Declaring a place of residence
  • Public kindergarten and school registration for children
  • Applying for child benefits
  • Reporting a problem in the city
  • Document status verification
  • And many more

For individual consultations, please register at the Municipality of Vilnius website.