Understanding Tipping Etiquette in Lithuania

Navigating the norms of tipping culture in Lithuania can often be puzzling, raising questions about when and how much to tip. Whether you're catching a taxi, dining out, or exploring cultural venues, here's a guide to help you handle gratuities with grace! 

Restaurants, bars, coffee shops

When dining in restaurants, it's important to first check your bill for any service charges that might already be included. If not, consider tipping between 5-15% based on the quality of service. There are no hard rules for tipping at bars or coffee shops, but if you notice a tip jar, adding a tip is a thoughtful way to express your satisfaction.


Typically, there's no need to tip your taxi driver in Lithuania. Most taxi services are app-based, making the transactions cashless and the fare transparent. This method also helps ensure that you're not overcharged. A simple thumbs-up or leaving a positive review can be a great way to show appreciation for a smooth ride.


In hotels, especially those belonging to larger chains, tipping is becoming more common. It's a nice gesture to leave a tip for housekeeping or the concierge if you've received exemplary service. This small act of appreciation rewards the individual for their hard work and also aligns with the growing trend of gratuity practices in Lithuania's hospitality industry.


Tipping is highly encouraged on guided tours, especially free ones. While there's no set amount, consider the quality of the tour and what you might typically pay for a similar experience elsewhere. Besides monetary tips, leaving a positive review on travel platforms can also do wonders.

Cultural venues

In venues such as theaters, cinemas, and museums, tipping is neither common nor expected. Any attempts to tip in these settings might even lead to confusion.

Understanding these tipping guidelines can greatly enhance your interactions in Lithuania, whether you're visiting or living there. This knowledge will help to navigate social situations with ease!  

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