Our top vegan spots in Vilnius



If you’re like us, you’ve noticed more vegetarian and vegan options popping up throughout Old Town and beyond. As a growing number of people in Europe commit to a plant-based lifestyle and restaurants add plant-based options to their menus, colour us intrigued at International House Vilnius. We may love our varied meat options here in Lithuania, but we’re curious. 

In this guide, we’re walking you through some of our favourite plant-based restaurants and cafes. Let’s get into it! 

RoseHip Vegan Bistro 

First up: Rosehip Vegan, a staple in the Old Town area. This spot offers sublime colours, flavours, and variety - with dishes so convincing they’ll make you wonder how it’s vegan. From delicious fruit cocktails to vegan fish and chips to Buddha Bowls and burgers, Rose Hip has you covered. If you’re new to town and have a furry companion, they’re welcome in this bustling restaurant, so don’t be surprised if a server brings them a water bowl and a smile.  

RoseHip Vegan Kebabs 

If there’s one thing we love in Vilnius, it’s kebabs. It was only a matter of time before someone opened a plant-based kebab restaurant, and RoseHip Vegan rose to the call. Feeling kebab curious? This location near Cathedral Square offers classic gyros and kebabs made from pea protein - and our new favourite, a savoury zaatar tofu gyro. Come with an open mind and an empty stomach! 


As one of the most enduring and popular spots in Vilnius, this spacious ayurvedic restaurant focuses on plant-based dishes in a range of cuisines. If you’re looking for a Halal-friendly eatery, the friendly Vegafe has options in spades - from pumpkin gnocchi to dumplings and warming soups. Yum! 


Inspired by the Indian festival of Holi, Holigans offers vibrant colours and fresh flavours that’ll leave you satisfied. We love their Buddha Bowls, jackfruit wrap, and spicy ginger tea, but they really shine in their Indian selections. Bonus: if you’re looking for a delicious dessert, Holigans delivers with their next-door Smaližaine healthy desserts and cakes - gluten-free, raw vegan, and sugar-free options.  

Casa La Familia 

We mean it when we say Casa La Familia has some of the best vegetarian and vegan pizzas in town! With a name like Casa La Familia, it’s no surprise that this is a family-friendly institution, dishing warm pizzas from their clay oven. But their menu gets tasty plant-based additions come the lunch hour; we’ve seen creamy soups, fragrant Indian curries, and savoury chilis.  


Come for the vegan desserts, stay for the good vibes. With two Chaika options in the city, you’re likely to come across this whimsical cafe on your walk through Old Town. Offering a variety of plant-based milks, creative coffee and tea options, and quirky decor, Chaika remains a favourite for plant lovers and their meat-eating counterparts. 

We would be amiss if we didn’t mention the various restaurants with plant-based options on their menu, as well as the Lithuanian restaurants with vegetarian options. (Here’s looking at you, vegetarian cepelinai!) Not all restaurants and cafes may be explicitly vegetarian or vegan, but Vilnius is clearly booming when it comes to options.  

What’s your favourite? At International House Vilnius, we hope this guide helps to satiate your curiosity about new, cosy restaurants and cafes that provide another way to think outside the box and enjoy what beautiful Lithuania has to offer! Bon appetit! 

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