Meet Victor, an IT graduate achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot in Vilnius

Victor first visited Lithuania when he was a child. We could tell that he wasn’t entirely new to the city when we asked him to describe Vilnius and his response was, “Vilnius is amazing wherever you think it is.” And what can we say: if you know, you know. Read our article spotlighting Victor to find out why this young man who graduated from Vilnius University in IT decided to follow his life passion of becoming a pilot and join the Pilotu School in Vilnius.



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do for a living? Where are you from? What are your free time activities?

After graduating, I started working in IT while trying to pursue a career in aviation, my biggest passion in life. Becoming a commercial pilot is very costly and requires lots of time, but last year I started studying at the Pilotu mokykla in Vilnius to obtain my private pilot’s license. I was very happy to fly a Cessna in Lithuanian skies; I can’t wait for them to be cloudless so I can fly again.

Also, I like playing basketball in my free time – we are in Lithuania after all. 

2. Why did you choose to relocate to Vilnius?

As a child I used to participate in international basketball tournaments in Lithuania. I loved the country as a kid and all my good memories inspired me to study in Lithuania. I chose Vilnius University for my bachelor’s degree and graduated from their Cybersecurity programme last year. 

3. How long have you lived here?

This is my fifth year in Lithuania and second in Vilnius. I used to study at the VU faculty in Kaunas and moved to Vilnius after graduation. 

4. What is your first memory in Vilnius?

My very first visit to Vilnius was when I was a kid. It was my second trip abroad and I was very excited about it.

5. How would you describe Vilnius?

Vilnius is amazing wherever you think it is ;) 

6. Any favourite spots in the city you can share with us?

In general, I like places with views, and you can find a lot of them in Vilnius. Like Tauro Kalnas, Trys Kryziai, Gedimino Kalnas and Belmontas. Of course, as a big aviation fan my personal favourite place for plane spotting is at Vilnius International Airport.

7. Would you recommend living here for other foreigners? If so, why?

Vilnius is very comfortable in all ways, no matter your lifestyle. Everyone can find a place for themselves here. It’s big enough to have cool nightlife and big city vibes, yet small enough to get around on foot or by bike.

8. How did you hear about International House Vilnius (IH Vilnius)? 

I had an individual activity to earn extra money so I could rent a car and commute to and from the aerodrome. I needed help from VMI and SoDra and a friend recommended I visit IH Vilnius for a consultation. I also attended a festival organised by IH Vilnius in September after coming across a few targeted advertisements.  

9. When did you visit IH Vilnius and which issues were you solving?

I go to IH Vilnius a couple times per quarter and last visited in February to get help solving questions about SoDra and VMI for my individual activity. 

10. Were you satisfied with our services?

I was more than satisfied! Communicating with state institutions is never easy, especially if you’re a foreigner, but IH Vilnius made the process simple and pleasant. 

11. Would you recommend IH Vilnius to other foreigners?

Yes, definitely! As I said, as a foreigner it’s much easier to get answers to your questions from IH Vilnius. Plus, there are multiple institutions present, so you can easily get answers to all your questions in one place within a day rather than jumping from one side of the city to another.

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