Meet our team member Teresa



Discovered a love for horses thanks to her daughters’ hobby

Teresa is currently studying organisation management at Vilnius University of Applied Sciences. She likes to read psychological books and watch fantasy films, and after a hard day’s work at the office, the best relaxation for her is watching her daughters at horse riding practice. “It’s enough for me to just be there – to look at a horse and pet it – for me to relax and get a dose of positive emotions,” says Teresa, who clearly admires how much grace and endurance horses have. She hasn’t yet taken the leap and tried out this activity that her daughters have come to love herself, but she also doesn’t say that it will never happen.

Found a job she loves on the first try

After starting out in the passport department, Teresa has been working as a customer service specialist at the Migration Department for 15 years – it’s her first job. Teresa says she feels like she has found her place in this job, and has no intention of changing it. “I can’t imagine myself just working with documents, without people and human interaction.”

Not even knowing exactly what and how it would happen, Teresa jumped at the chance to work at International House Vilnius. “I realised immediately that working here would be interesting, because I would have to cooperate with colleagues from other institutions. Now I can safely say that I made the right choice.” The experience and knowledge that the specialist has acquired allow her to provide high-quality service to the customers who come in.

The most common mistake is submitting documents in the wrong language

Teresa’s main task is accepting applications in the MIGRIS system from European Union citizens and their family members regarding the temporary or permanent right of residence of citizens of the European Union. Applications can be submitted on various grounds, such as work, study or family reunification. According to Teresa, foreigners usually ask about how to fill out an application or on what basis they can submit it.

The long-time Migration Department specialist has noticed that people often submit documents in their native language, hoping that they will be accepted upon arrival in the European Union. However, documents are only accepted in Lithuanian, so they then have to contact a translation agency. Teresa points out that some documents, such as health insurance, bank account statements, and documents issued by civil registration authorities, are also accepted in English.

State institutions in a modern building – mission possible

When asked to name one customer who she remembers the best, Teresa said it was a man who kept asking in disbelief if this was really the office of the Migration Department. It was only a little later that she managed to find out that the customer was pleasantly surprised that state institutions operate in such a new, cosy and modernly equipped International House Vilnius office. Teresa also remembers one customer who had worked as an information technology specialist in numerous European Union countries and said that he was amazed that a country as small as Lithuania was so technologically advanced.

Vilnius has enough space for all newcomers

Teresa says that she wouldn’t trade Vilnius for any other Lithuanian city. Her parents and grandparents lived in this city, and she was born here and spent her entire childhood here herself. The thing about Vilnius that makes the biggest impression on her are the green areas in the middle of the city, where you can spend free time with friends and family. “It’s like you’re in the city, but also in nature,” says Teresa of the capital.

When talking to newcomers, Teresa wholeheartedly recommends Vilnius as a city that is friendly to foreigners. After all, foreigners with different outlooks from all over the world find their place in the capital. Yet despite their differences, everyone manages to come together into a united community, build a future, and live in peace. “Vilnius is a city that is constantly growing, so there will always be enough space for everyone,” says Teresa, inviting newcomers to Vilnius.

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