What Vilnius and Tenerife Have in Common: 3 Things That Cast a Spell on IH Vilnius Intern Lauren 



Summer is a season that brings joy, warmth, and endless possibilities. It’s a time when people seek adventure, embrace new experiences, and create lasting memories. For Lauren, an intern at International House Vilnius, summer holds a special place in her heart. Hailing from the sunny island of Tenerife but currently residing in Vilnius, Lauren has discovered surprising similarities between these two diverse locations. In this article, we delve into the three things that have cast a spell on Lauren, bridging an unlikely gap between Tenerife and Vilnius. 

The Magic of Multifaceted Roles 

Lauren's journey at International House Vilnius has been nothing short of enchanting. When asked about her primary responsibilities, she confesses that she can’t pinpoint just one. Instead, she savours the opportunity to participate in various events organized by the International House. From assisting behind the scenes to spreading the word, Lauren is always eager to contribute. This multifaceted role has allowed her to immerse herself in different aspects of the organization, fostering personal growth and a sense of belonging. 

Among the many memorable experiences during her internship, one stands out in Lauren's mind—career fair Land a Job in Vilnius 3.0, organized by IH Vilnius team. Her involvement in this event left her feeling honoured and thrilled for more. The event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing a platform for professional growth and connection.  

Embracing Cultural Similarities and Differences 

While Tenerife and Vilnius may seem worlds apart, Lauren has discovered unexpected commonalities that have deepened her appreciation for both places. One surprising similarity lies in each area’s penchant for potatoes, which play a central role in the local cuisines of both regions. Additionally, Lauren notices the Lithuanian spirit of enjoying drinks on terraces at the first glimpse of sunlight, reminiscent of her Spanish lifestyle. These shared aspects, along with their distinct differences, contribute to the unique charm of each location. 

Personal and Professional Growth  

Lauren expresses her gratitude for the personal and professional growth she has experienced during her internship at International House Vilnius. The past three months have been quite a journey, allowing her to enhance her teamwork skills, create engaging newsletters, organize events, and develop visual content. Through these experiences, Lauren has expanded her skill set and gained invaluable insights into a world of cultural exchange and language education. 

Summertime Delights in Tenerife and Vilnius 

As a lover of summer, Lauren can’t help but relish the delights each location offers during this vibrant season. In Tenerife, she cherishes the opportunity to indulge in ocean activities, revel in the vibrant nightlife, and witness breathtaking sunsets. In Vilnius, she is captivated by the abundance of river activities and the excitement of festivals - Pink Soup Festival, Vilnius’s Birthday, and Sostinės dienos to name a few! - as well as the warmth of the people that surround her. These summertime highlights bring a sense of wonder and joy to Lauren's experiences in both Tenerife and Vilnius. 

Through her experiences, Lauren has discovered the magic that lies within the multifaceted roles she embraces, the connections she forges, and the cultural similarities and differences that unite and distinguish Tenerife and Vilnius. As she continues to explore, learn, and grow, Lauren's vibrant spirit and love for summer will undoubtedly continue to cast a spell on her adventures, wherever they may lead her. 

As you may have guessed, Lauren has her heart squarely between these two very different but similar summer destinations! From peoples’ love for potatoes to endless hours enjoying terrace drinks with friends and making the most of everything nature has to offer - these three things make Lauren feel at home no matter where she places her feet.  

What in Vilnius reminds you of your home during this season? Let us know! 



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