Meet EURES National Coordination Office chief specialist Gytis Raub┼źnas

Gytis advises European and third-country nationals who have come to Lithuania on employment and social security issues, and after working hours are over, he enjoys spending his free time on the basketball court and playing board games.



A native of Druskininkai who has developed a close relationship with Vilnius

Gytis was born and raised in Druskininkai. After graduating from Vytautas Magnus University, it was Vilnius where he decided to put down roots. Even though the specialist only moved to the capital a few years ago, he has already gotten to know the city and develop a close relationship with it. The best thing to do in Vilnius is to take a walk in the Old Town. “Every time I walk down the same streets, I see new things that are woven with history. And when you want some trees and nature, it’s fun to go to the ‘Green Lakes’ and take a boat ride,” Gytis says, sharing his thoughts about Vilnius. According to Gytis, the most amazing thing about Vilnius is the harmony of the contrasts of city and nature.

Helps customers navigate through the bureaucracy

Gytis’s career began right after finishing university, at the Druskininkai Employment Service. Less than a year later, he got an offer to work at the EURES office, where he has been now for more than four years. EURES – otherwise known as the European Employment Service – is a cooperation network that facilitates the free movement of workers within the European Union. According to Gytis, there are specialists from across the European Union working in this service network who are eager for customers and are happy to help everyone who wants to create a life in Europe. “At work, I always try to help customers by making it easier for them to navigate their way through the bureaucracy,” says Gytis about what goes on behind the scenes.

Using EURES services is extremely useful and convenient for foreign nationals, first and foremost because all EURES services are free of charge. Every day, customers come in from as wide and far as Ukraine, Belarus, the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, India, Germany, Turkey, Italy and Latvia, among others. They come with all kinds of questions, so the desire to help and give proper advice motivates the employees and gives their work a sense of meaning. The EURES specialist has noticed that questions related to employment, social guarantees, and opportunities in Lithuania and throughout the European Union are among the most popular with the people who come in.

Life without stress in Vilnius

When asked what makes Vilnius attractive to foreigners, Gytis singles out the fact that Vilnius is the greenest capital in the European Union. 

Vilnius has a lot of parks where you can take a walk, meditate, work out or ride your bike. “For me, relaxation means spending time in the outdoors. After a long day at work, the best way to relax is to go to the park and spend an hour or two there. Time in nature calms my thoughts and helps me prepare for new challenges,” says Gytis about life in the capital.

For those coming to Vilnius, the EURES specialist recommends getting acquainted with the historical relics in the arsenal of the Vilnius National Museum, going up to the top of Gediminas Hill to take in the wonderful panorama of the capital, sitting down for a coffee in a small street of the Old Town to get a feel for the spirit of the city, and watching the sun go down from the highest observation deck in the city – the Vilnius TV Tower restaurant.

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