Guide to Lithuania: enrolling your child to kindergarten and school 

Starting kindergarten or primary school is a significant event for both parents and their child. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in the child’s life as they take their first steps towards academic and social development. However, the process of finding and applying to a kindergarten or new school can be challenging, especially in a new city or country. This article provides a simplified explanation of what might otherwise be a difficult process.



Guarantee your child’s spot at kindergarten via a single step 

In Vilnius, there are 125 kindergartens, 12 kindergarten-schools, and 28 schools with preschool-zero grades. These facilities provide a range of programmes and activities to support children's learning and development. In Lithuania, children aged 1 to 6 can receive a preschool education. 

The centralised admission system for kindergartens is a recent development that has streamlined the registration process for parents. Instead of visiting each kindergarten separately, parents can now apply to multiple kindergartens through a single online portal (use the automatic translation tool to translate into English).  

Enrolment applications are accepted throughout the year, except for a specific period, which is from 11 to 31 March. During this period, kindergartens form lists identifying which educational institutions children will attend in September. However, if there is availability, the municipality can accept children all year round. 

It is important to note that the registration process for kindergartens follows a strict timeline. The lists of groups are formed annually from 18 to 31 March. Therefore, it is essential for parents to submit their applications before this deadline to ensure their child's admission. 

When making your decision, we recommend focusing on the kindergarten’s location to ensure it is convenient to access. It’s also important to gather as much information about the kindergarten as possible – consult with the Municipal Department of Preschool Education (via email [email protected] or by calling 852112000), visit kindergarten’s website, go to the kindergarten in person, and if possible, try to speak with the director, teachers or parents of other kids.  

A well-rounded education for global community 

Education in Vilnius is truly international. A number of schools and kindergartens offer classes in several different languages, such as English, Spanish and French in private institutions, and Russian, Belarusian and Polish in public ones. 

Lithuania’s capital has a robust educational system with 117 schools that belong to the municipal government. Of these schools, 22 teach in Russian, 16 provide education in Polish, one teaches in Belarusian and one teaches in Ukrainian. The city also owns 10 institutions that complement non-formal education, such as music and art schools. In addition to these government-run schools, Vilnius is also home to 13 schools under the ministry and 37 private schools. This diverse range of educational options makes selecting an institution that best suits parents and students’ needs much easier. With a strong focus on academic excellence and cultural diversity, Vilnius is committed to providing its students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the global community. 

Support to eliminate gaps 

The main challenge for anyone coming to Vilnius from abroad is learning Lithuanian. Luckily, children are fast learners and usually pick up the language in no time. An algorithm has been created to help with those first steps towards fluency, and students can learn Lithuanian in an extracurricular class or mobile group before starting their general education studies. 

In Vilnius, children with special educational needs are supported through specialised schools and classes. To be admitted to these schools, parents must submit an application accompanied by a certificate from the Pedagogical and Psychological Service or Education Support Service. By providing inclusive and supportive educational environments for children with special needs, Vilnius is committed to ensuring all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

Admission to school from the comfort of home 

The enrolment process in Vilnius is centralized and conducted through an electronic system. Parents and legal guardians can submit their child’s applications or transfer requests via the Vilnius Municipality's online system at https://svietimas.vilnius.lt/. The centralised application process takes place in the calendar year in which the child is expected to start school or transfer to another school. In 2023, the centralised application process started on 1 March and will run until 31 May. The first results of the applications should be known at the beginning of June. If your child is not accepted at the preferred school, don’t panic yet – additional admissions will be organised later on. Every child who is a resident of Vilnius will find a place in a school. 

Only people with a Lithuanian personal code and whose child also has a Lithuanian personal code can submit a centralised application through the system. 

Anyone without a Lithuanian personal code must fill out the appropriate forms (links to the forms can be found hereand send copies of the required personal documents via email to [email protected]. The applicant should also attach any documents that confirm their legal presence in Lithuania, such as a visa or residence permit. Once received, the request will be logged and the applicant will receive additional information via email. For any additional questions, the Vilnius Municipality can be contacted at [email protected]

For detailed information on the registration process, deadlines and fees, you can download International House Vilnius’ comprehensive brochure on the topic. 

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