Agnė Camara, Head of International House Vilnius: Vilnius is a city of opportunities

Born and raised in Vilnius, Agnė Camara, the Head of International House Vilnius, considers herself to be an open person. Although she has spent many years abroad, Vilnius is the city where she sees more opportunities to create and contribute to change. She invites others to dare to discover these possibilities, too.



"I lived in Berlin for a few years and then studied in several countries – the joint master's programme I enlisted in gave me the chance to experience life in Amsterdam, Dublin and Bilbao,” Agnė says of her personal experience. “But I was always gravitating towards Lithuania, and not just because my family was still here. I realised that Vilnius is a growing and thriving city with more opportunities, and it’s easier to find your niche and establish yourself in the city to contribute to its further development.”  

Today, she manages International House Vilnius, a one-stop service centre that helps highly qualified professionals relocating to Vilnius from abroad to get settled in their new city. It provides essential services related to relocation and integration with the aim of simplifying the process and raising the level of public services to new heights. 

"We want the new service centre to be more than just a source of information for foreigners – we want it to be a meeting point as well,” says Agnė. “We plan various events, seminars and workshops so visiting professionals can meet like-minded people, build communities and start feeling at home in Vilnius as soon as possible."  

She thinks Vilnius is a great place to live and work because it’s a dynamic and growing city. Lithuania’s capital is also very compact: it’s easy to get to work on foot or by bike, which is Agnė’s favourite way of commuting. She notes it takes no more than 20 minutes to cycle from home to work. 

"I love Vilnius because of its greenery. It’s nice to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city in the evening after work or on weekends – even if it’s completely unplanned – and take a walk in the woods or a park to enjoy the tranquillity and breathe in the fresh air," says the Head of International House Vilnius, while revealing some of her favourite spots. “I love Vingis Park and the green areas of Valakampiai and Verkiai Park. I always bring guests from abroad to these places whenever possible." 

Although Agnė can often be found surrounded by nature, she is also fond of cosy city streets. She enjoys walking in Vilnius Old Town and Užupis – places that fascinate her and, she assures, impress international visitors, too. Užupis is attractive for its artistic atmosphere and unique spirit, and the idea of it being a self-proclaimed independent republic.  

"I would like to encourage everyone coming to Vilnius to be curious and inquisitive, to wander the city’s streets with more courage, and try to discover the unexplored or lesser-known parts of the city,” she says. “Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek help when you need it. Always feel free to contact International House Vilnius because we are here to help you." 

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