Foreigners in Vilnius

More and more international talents are deciding to call Vilnius home. It’s accessible, offers a work/life balance that other cities can only dream of, and actively seeks out contributions and bright ideas from newcomers. The community of foreigners is growing, which makes relocating to Vilnius even more exciting.
Communities for foreigners living in Vilnius

Foreigners in Vilnius

An English-speaking Facebook group where members can ask questions about the city, share tips and insights, and engage in discussions about topics related to life in Vilnius.

International Women's Association of Vilnius

The IWAV is a non-governmental and non-profit women’s association that serves as a forum for socialising, networking, and charitable giving.

Expats in Vilnius

The online InterNations community in Vilnius lets members connect and share experiences with fellow internationals residing in Lithuania’s capital.

Balturca Culture Academy

The Baltic Turkish Culture Academy promotes various cultural events in Lithuania celebrating the different cultures of local minorities.

Social Educational Initiatives Centre PLUS

A Vilnius-based centre that organises cultural events, offers Lithuanian language courses, provides legal advice and facilitates the integration of foreigners into Lithuanian society.

Pirmas Blynas

A pancake restaurant with a culinary and social mission, Pirmas Blynas employs and empowers people with disabilities and also serves as a cultural hub for regular language exchange events, board game evenings, science meetups and sign language lessons.

House of Cultures – Caritas Day Centre

A centre that aims to create a hospitable environment for refugees, migrants and third-country nationals residing in Vilnius. House of Cultures offer all kinds of help and supports integration into local communities. It also organises educational activities for children and adults, and provides social, legal and psychological counselling.

Belarusians in Lithuania

A Facebook group where Belarusian nationals living in Vilnius can ask questions and get advice about navigating the bureaucracy in Lithuania and day-to-day life in Vilnius.

Most reliable sources of information for foreigners (in foreign languages)

LRT, Delfi and 15min are Lithuania’s three main media outlets. Each of them offers a selection of content and articles in English, and some of them offer content in Russian.

The koronastop website provides important updates pertaining to the on going pandemic situation, including advice on testing, quarantine and travel, and various state support service. The Ministry of Health also provides pandemic-related updates and other healthcare updates.

Lithuania’s Government website has a news section with information on foreign policy and Lithuania’s position in the context of global affairs.

Where to learn Lithuanian?

Being able to speak Lithuanian is one of the keys to fully integrating into the local culture. It isn’t the easiest language to learn, but there are tons of resources to help you get started and work your way towards fluency. Plus, making an effort to communicate with locals in their language will always impress, no matter how many mistakes you make.

Language schools offering Lithuanian language courses:

AMES Language School

Jaunimo perspektyva


Let’s be Friends

Lingua Inn

Lingua Lituanica



Soros International House

Social Educational Initiatives Centre PLUS (free Lithuanian language courses for third-country nationals)

Surface language

Training Centre iCan

Užsienio kalbų mokymo centras

Vilnius University Department of Lithuanian studies

Vilnius University language course

Konstitucijos pr. 3, groundfloor, Vilnius LT-09307 Lithuaniahello@ihvilnius.lt+370 614 79 283