Buying a flat

Buying a place to live in Vilnius opens the door to owning a property in a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage and diverse real estate market

Discovering the perfect place to call home in Vilnius is an exciting journey that unveils a multitude of possibilities! 

  • Buying a flat or a house here is a pretty straightforward process. You are allowed to buy a home without any particular restrictions (there are only restrictions for purchasing agricultural land). 
  • Prices depend on the area, condition and size of the flat, and other factors.  
  • You can find apartments and homes for sale at: aruodas.ltdomoplius.lt, skelbiu.lt. 
  • A property can be sold directly by its owner or through a real estate agency representing the owner. All you need to do is sign a sales contract and make the payment. Your contract is your guarantee, so you should spend time making sure you understand every part of it. This may require getting a translation of the contract made. You should also ensure that you don’t make any payments until you have received your contract. There are two ways you can pay for your property: cash or a mortgage loan granted by a bank. Please note that the sales contract should be notarised, and it is recommended that you register ownership at the SE Centre of Registers 

Important: buying a property does not grant you residency in Lithuania.   

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