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You can choose to stay in a hotel or book an Airbnb, but it is best to search for something more permanent. When renting in Lithuania, the use of rental agreements is a standard practice. Agreements that outline the length of residence as more than 12 months must be in writing and can be fixed-term or ongoing. These are usually signed between two parties; however, it is possible to have a confirmation from a notary. A 1–2 month deposit is usually required, which is returned after the contract expires or is terminated. You can search for flats and homes advertised online using the following platforms: Aruodas, Domoplius, Rebaltic, Ober-Haus. 

Here are a few websites for buying or renting an accommodation: https://en.aruodas.lt/, https://domoplius.lt/en/, https://www.rebaltic.lt/en/ or https://www.ober-haus.lt/en/. 


For more information: Guide to Lithuania: finding... | International House Vilnius (ihvilnius.lt).

Foreigners can acquire all types of real estate in Lithuania, except agricultural and forest land. It should also be mentioned that foreign nationals may be subject to certain restrictions on acquisition of real estate in certain locations. This applies to properties in border areas, dune areas, and coastal zones. In such cases, a permit for acquisition may have to be issued by local authorities. With regard to land, foreign nationals are not allowed to acquire it, but can rent it instead. 

For more information you can visit: Guide to Lithuania: finding... | International House Vilnius (ihvilnius.lt).

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