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The best place to start looking for a job is Go Vilnius job offers section. 

Other job boards with top job vacancies:  

Work in Lithuania 

Unicorns Lithuania 

CV Market 

CV Online 



Scobo app 

CV bankas 



Alternatively, you can contact a recruitment agency to help with your job search. Here are some recruitment agencies that work extensively with international companies: 

Alliance for Recruitment 







For more information please visit: Your international career | Go Vilnius.

Depending on the period that you are planning to work in Lithuania, you should apply for a national visa or a temporary residence permit. 

If you are planning to work in Lithuania for no longer than for a year, you can obtain a multiple entry visa. 

If you are planning to work longer than a year, you should choose a temporary residence permit (usually issued for two years, in the case of highly-qualified employees – 3 years and later can usually be renewed). While your application for a temporary residence permit is processed, you can get a multiple entry visa. 

More information is available here. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to visit ihvilnius.lt or Home - Migracijos departamentas (migracija.lt). 

If you’re holding a Blue Card from a country outside the EU and face a job loss or change in employment circumstances while residing in Vilnius, Lithuania, the standard process and timeframe for job transitions are as follows: 

  • Six-Month Grace Period: Blue Card holders from non-EU countries typically have a grace period of six months to find a new job or secure alternative employment. During this time, they can search for suitable job opportunities in Vilnius or elsewhere in Lithuania. 
  • Change of Employer (After One Year of working): If the Blue Card holder has been employed with the Blue Card for more than one year and finds a new job, they are required to inform the migration department of the change in employer. This process involves updating their employment information without the need to reapply for a new Blue Card. 
  • Change of Employer (Within First Year of working): If the Blue Card holder has worked for less than one year with the Blue Card and changes employers, they will need to fill out a new Blue Card application and repeat the process to receive a new Blue Card under the new employment arrangement. 
  • EU Workers: European Union workers typically have fewer immigration requirements. In the event of job loss, there are no immediate requirements, unlike the other countries, obligating individuals to secure new employment within a six-month period. You should look for a job but consider your own specific needs. 

It's important for individuals in these situations to consult with the relevant immigration authorities or legal experts to ensure compliance with all regulations and requirements related to their specific circumstances. Additionally, keeping accurate records and documentation is essential during any job transition or change in employment status. 

For more information please visit: Changing Employer - Migracijos departamentas (migracija.lt). 

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