Want to start a business, startup, freelance in Lithuania? Join and learn HOW! 

Online workshop in English

Online workshop in English


Online in ZOOM

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Online workshop in English

This is the past workshop, you can watch the recording here 

Want to start a business, startup, freelance in Lithuania? Join the workshop and learn HOW! 

Do you think starting a business can be tough? Let us help as much as we can! IH Vilnius researched, asked, noted, experienced and is now ready to present to you key points for the opic just in 1 video! 

What? start a business, get a support for startup, work as freelancer, relocate your business and many more just in 1 online workshop in the English language.

When? 1 December, 15:30 Vilnius time. 

Where: online on ZOOM. *If you won't be able to join live, you still should register so that we could send you the link with the recording. 

How much? All our services are free of charge! 

What's the plan? To present you as much as we can with the best speakers:

  • Business environment in Vilnius and Innovation Agency as your business partner. Patricija Reut, Director of General Business Competences Department at Innovation Agency
  • Practical steps on how to start a business in Lithuania. Aušrinė Krištopaitytė, Adviser at Innovation Agency
  • Discover and join a booming Lithuanian startup ecosystem with Startup Visa LT!  Akvilė Dobromilskytė, Foreign Startups Manager at Startup Lithuania
  • Individual activity (freelancing) and individual business license: how you can work and declare your taxes? Lukas Pultaražinskas, Senior tax lawyer at TRINITI JUREX
  • Legal entities a foreigner can register in Lithuania. Reda Stalioraitytė, Lawyer at TRINITI JUREX
  • How to relocate your business/employees to Lithuania? Evelina Paulaviciene, Managing partner at ReloKon
  • Many topics and questions - we will manage it in up to 2 hours! (c) your moderator of the workshop, Yana Khromiak, Project Manager of IH Vilnius 


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