Get a job in Lithuania: how?

Online workshop

Online workshop

Online workshop

This is the past workshop, you can watch the recording here 

📢  It's always a challenge to describe that you are the best candidate clearly and succinctly when you are only armed with text. Don't worry!  

Join our workshop on October 20 in ZOOM at 17:30 and you will learn practical tips on how to convert your diverse experience into the relevant skills and competencies the employer is looking for. As a result, you will shape your varied experience in different fields into a solid table you can use for your CV, resume, cover letter, motivational letter, LinkedIn profile etc. 

🎤 About the speaker:

💯 Ganna Tron is a specialist with 10 years of experience participating in various programs abroad: studying, volunteering, participating in a short-term projects. She herself sent dozens of applications to different countries to become a project participant, to be accepted into university, to get a job. 

For three years (2019-2021) she had been worked on the platform about educational opportunities abroad (Unistudy) and helped many people with checking and editing their CV, resume, cover letters and motivational letters. 

🎯 Ganna will share her experience on how to read jobs offers between the lines and create a strong document in response. 


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