Primary and Secondary Schools

Education is compulsory in Lithuania for children from 7 to 16 years of age. Municipal schools are free of charge, while the price of private schools may vary.

Application Proccess

School enrollment is a straightforward process but you need to be aware of the steps involved, which may vary from school to school.

You will need: 

  • Application form;
  • Document certifying learning achievements (a document attesting completion of educational curriculum or part of it abroad), which needs to be translated into Lithuanian (the requirement to have the translation approved by a notary public depends on each school’s internal procedures);
  • A medical check-up certificate (required before each school year);
  • Other documents as indicated in the school admission procedure (each school establishes its own individual requirements for what documents need to be submitted); 
  • For a child under 14, a request for school admission has to be submitted by one of the parents (guardians), and from 14 years of age, the child is required to write an application him/herself (in some cases, different procedures may be adopted by schools).

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